What is Self Doubt?

Self Doubt comes in many disguises and means different

things to different people. It can be as simple as I’m not

sure I can follow this recipe or as extreme as I’m not

good enough for my partner that I love with all of my

heart so I will leave him.

Self Doubt is questioning yourself on your capabilities and

worthiness even though you are more than capable of the

task at hand and more than worthy of love, success and

happiness. Self Doubt can be mistaken for frustration,

procrastination and depression. We get frustrated because

our Self Doubting prevents us from moving forward

whether it be in our career or business or even our

relationships. So then we procrastinate because we are

just not sure if we have what it takes to get where we

want to be, which leads to more frustration. This can

become literally debilitating and will eventually lead to

feelings of sadness, hopelessness and even depression.

But you know what? Some people hold onto their

problems out of familiarity and comfort.

Surprised? So was I until I understood why.

Let’s find out a bit about you and how Self Doubt looks in

your world……………




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