NHC’s Group Coaching

Are you ready to create clients that create clients and master adaptability to enable you to sell to every client type?

New home sales are different, we both know that. Particularly when you add in dealing with different types of people, people that make decisions in different ways, need information presented differently, and need to be managed through the process in a professional, considerate manner.

One size does not fit all, scripts and structured process will not work, not if you are wanting your clients sending more clients your way. That’s really the name of the game isn’t it, to create a business where our clients create clients?

I have 15+ years experience selling new homes here in NZ and in the UK, I am speaking from experience! This is your opportunity to learn from every mistake I have made, every success I have had and everything in between. I have many clients that I now call friends and that doesn’t happen when you treat everyone the same, we are all individual and should be treated so.

The beautiful thing about face to face selling is that we can assess a situation, we can determine needs, overcome objections, present different solutions and adjust our approach on a client by client basis. If we know how, correct?

Don’t spend 15+ years learning from your mistakes, perfecting the art of connecting with potential clients quickly and deeply or mastering the process of taking potential clients from inquiry to moving into their new homes. Don’t spend yet another week wondering where your next commission cheque is coming from! I can help you right now!

Here’s how it works;

There are weekly live group coaching class plus Q & A via Zoom

Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and get support in a high vibe, solution focused environment

Unlimited e support from me, reach out and I’ll be there (or message me and I’ll come right back to you :))

We will be covering everything from;

  • Making a fast, memorable first impression at the show home
  • What after the show home?
  • Standing out from the rest, never again will you hear the words; who are you and from where?
  • Planning each communication with the end in mind to get to contract faster
  • Master adaptability, the absolute key to working well with every client type
  • Objections, the presenting problem is very rarely the problem
  • Potential clients that say they are only comparing on price
  • Understanding how to treat and not to treat each client type
  • Looking after clients post contract and post moving in
  • so much more, also open to suggestions on anything you would like covered, no idea is a bad idea here!

I know what you’re thinking, how much is this going to set me back, am I right? How about thinking how much it could make you? One more sale a month? How would that feel?

BONUS: 45 min one on one strategy session with me via skype. We will go over where you are now, any specific struggles or frustrations you are experiencing and then we will make a plan for you and your business growth.

My group coaching with private facebook group access and unlimited e support is  only pay $297 per month (no minimum period, I want you to stay because of your results not because you are tied into a contract)

Waiting is the worst investment you will make……